What is this port for on my Mac?

Apple seems to be steering people further and further away from multiple ports for their new devices. The New Macbook and the MacBook Pro have USB-C/Thunderbolt ports and look very different from Macs you may have used in the past. So let’s go over all the Mac Ports...

Why you should buy AppleCare for your new Mac

First of all, DISCLAIMER: I do NOT work for Apple! There is no reason I would tell you to buy something unless I’d do it myself. We are an independent business helping people who own Apple products to get the most out of their investment. That includes upgrading...

Getting a new Macbook Pro? We can help!

Today they announced a new line of Macbook Pros. It has been 527 days since Apple released a new Macbook Pro. From the faster processing speeds to the new touch bar, Apple has definitely delivered. They released 2 13″ models and a 15″ model. Starting at...
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