With malware and general computer safety being a growing concern for Mac users of all ages and parents of young technology fiends, we came up with a package to help “harden” your computer against outside threats. In addition to the services we provide, we also came up with a list of tips you can do at home to make yourself, your kids, staff, and all your fellow Mac users, safer!
1. Turn on auto locking after idle (System Preferences>Security and Privacy)
When your computer is idle, set it to automatically go to the Login screen to require your password.
2. Change login screen to just input fields (System Preferences>Users and Groups)
Instead of displaying your name on the Login screen, you can just leave blank fields, so anyone just walking over to your computer would have to type in your name as well as the password. This can be just enough of a roadblock to keep nosy co-workers or family members off your computer when you step away!
3. Clear all history and cookies and reset all browsers 
If you’re on the internet a lot, it’s a good idea to occasionally reset your browsers. In Safari, you can also use the Private Browsing function to keep History from being stored. This is available on Mac and iOS devices.
4. Only allow applications by authorized developers
This is a security setting in your System Preferences. This will keep you (or your kids) from opening applications that have not been “authorized” by Apple’s standards. Not all unauthorized apps are bad, but this is a precaution for everyone who’s not sure which apps are safe. Anything on the Mac App store is safe for download.
5. Turn on automatic updates (System Preferences>App Store)
This insures that any security updates or critical system updates get downloaded and installed immediately.
6. Turn on “Find my phone” and “Find My Mac” (System Preferences>iCloud)
This is one great feature of iCloud that is completely free and easy to use. In case of loss or theft, this makes it easier to track down the location of your missing device!
Optional, but still a good idea for extra security or protection of highly sensitive data, work computers, or kids computers:
  • Create standard account for everyday work and only using admin rights after logging in to install.
  • Set a firmware password
  • Use secure password apps such as 1Password or Lastpass
  • Remove all torrenting software

We have your safety and security in mind!

The MacSpa