Once again, we are offering a series of workshops to give kids something fun and educational to do this summer. In this 3-day series there is something for all ages, and we have something for the parents too! Pick one or two, or take all three!

Electronic P-arts & Crafts
Wednesday, July 6th
9:00am – 11:00am
ages 4+

Price: $15/each or $25/pair (use coupon code 2for25)

butterfly-bug kid-with-bug kids-taking-apart-2Engage you and your kids’ artsy side and turn those old unused small electronic parts into one-of-a-kind masterpieces limited only by your imagination! You may bring old RAM sticks, mice, keyboards, and other small e-waste you might have lying around your house to use!* We’ll provide a variety of computer bits and pieces to disassemble and turn into art, glue, paint, and other embellishments to complete your piece.

  • A sensible choice to keep electronic waste out of the landfill: the environment will thank you
  • Expand your mind through creativity
  • Learn to utilize a unique medium for your projects in order to create unique pieces of art
  • Makes a wonderful gift for friends and family!
  • Fun for all ages
  • Price includes snack, materials cost, and recycling cost for extra parts you bring that you do not use.**

* Safety first! Do not bring batteries, large or heavy electronics, or other potentially hazardous items. Young children may need assistance.
** Recycling fee is covered for a shoe-box size amount of electronics. Additional fees apply if you would like to recycle other items. See acceptable items and associated costs here.

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Game Development with Scratch (for Beginners)
Thursday, July 7th 
9:00am – 1:00pm (with short presentations of projects afterward)
ages 8+

Price: $70/person, $130/pair (use coupon code ‘2for130’)

Ever wanted to make your very own game? Do just that and and dream in code with our FUN, hands-on beginner course using the MIT-developed Scratch program.  No code, no pain, no tears, just simply drag-and-drop your way towards…

  • Gain a fundamental understanding of general programming logic using the Scratch interface
  • Be familiarized with game development methods and procedures
  • Become familiar with programmable sprite objects in Scratch and how to interact with them
  • Make your very own basic animations using sprites and the block interface to make them run
  • Program basic games using sprites and the block interface to make them fully playable
  • Take home your projects to show your friends and family!
  • Bring your own laptop! (We are a Mac shop, but PC is okay for this workshop!)
  • Price includes a small sack lunch and break

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Beginner Programming with Java
Friday, July 8th
9:00am – 1:00pm (with short presentations of projects afterward)
ages 12+
Price: $70/person, $130/pair (use coupon code ‘2for130’)
Computers. Medical Devices. Cars. Phones. Parking Stations. What do they all have in common? Learn the basics of coding in one of the most widely used programming languages in the world, powering all of the above and more.  No prior code knowledge necessary
  • Understand general programming logic through fun games designed to teach basic code implementation
  • Learn the basics of syntax and object-oriented programming with practical exercises
  • Create simple Java programs that will accept user input and respond accordingly
  • Use fundamental programming vocabulary like a pro
  • Gain valuable problem-solving skills along the way
  • Take home your projects to show your friends and family
  • Bring your own laptop! (We are a Mac shop, but PC is okay for this workshop!)
  • Price includes a small sack lunch and break
  • Bring a parent for free to the Parental Controls class beginning at the same time.

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Parental Controls and Internet Safety
Friday, July 8th
9:00am – 10:00am
* for the parents!

Learn to keep your family (and yourself) safe online with your Apple devices.
• How to use the built-in parental controls and restrictions on Mac, iPhone, and iPad
• Additional tips and tools for protecting you and your Apple devices
• Introduction of Circle, a new network security device for families, allowing you to monitor and manage each computer on your network

* $25, or one parent free per registered child! *

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