Free, 5 Star rating!
This app is wonderful for road excursions. It helps you outsmart traffic, save time and gas money, and take the edge off of holiday driving stress. Along with many tricks and whistles, one of the coolest parts of this app is being able to report accidents, hazards, police and other events on the road. It also uses cute icons to alert you of what may be coming up. It also finds the cheapest gas stations on your route. Awesome!
We have all been using this app and love it. It turns driving into a fun social interactivity and makes appointments a lot easy to get to. 
Elly’s Christmas (iPad edition)
$.99, 4.5 star rating!
Your kids, nieces, nephews, etc. will need something to occupy their time while you run around for travels, shopping, and preparing for the holidays. I found this wonderful story about the sweet character, Elly and her adventure. This book app captures the childhood thrill of both Christmas Eve and the day itself! With light interactivity and optional narration your child will delight in meeting Elly and all her cute friends, and will want to read the simple, fun, easy-to-follow stories again and again.
*also available on iPhone and iPod touch
$9.99, 5 star rating!
It’s a little pricey but definitely worth the investment. The How to Cook Everything app is based off the bestselling cookbook and is enhanced with helpful holiday menus and fun wintertime animation. Most important are 2,000 recipes and 400 how-to illustrations—plus specially designed features for the user. It’s the hottest cooking app out right now and makes holiday recipes a whole lot easier to come up with. 
Free, 4 star rating!
This app is pretty neat, especially for traveling in places you might be a little unfamiliar with. It’s ideal for if you need to get some last minute shopping done at your holiday destination. This app uses your GPS location to track special deals, offers and coupons from national and local retailers of many different categories. It’s especially handy for Airport maps, Malls maps, Theme park maps, and Museum maps! It also includes nearby services such as restrooms, ATM locations, parking, food, and more. 
The first time we tried out this app it kept crashing when we searched the shopping categories, but I’ve played around on it a few times since and it seems to be working fine (maybe that’s why it didn’t get the full 5 star rating?). But when it comes to airport directories (probably one of its most useful features) it works well.  
*also available on iPhone and iPod touch

Have a great holiday season!
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