When should I upgrade my computer’s operating system?

We’ve all been there. You updated your computer’s new operating system too soon and you had tons of issues with it. Sometimes, you don’t want to upgrade for a specific reason. You may have a piece of software that won’t work with the new OS. You may not like the look of the OS and prefer your computer to be the same.

That is totally understandable. You paid a lot of money for your computer! Your work and play is important. However, there are a few things you should know.

  1. The older your operating system is, the less secure it is.

Operating systems are the spine and brain of your computer. The amount of processing work it does in the background is complex. As technology capabilities grow, so will the chance of Malware infection and insecurities. Since Apple runs a closed infrastructure system, their security engineers will always focus on keeping the current Operating System (Sierra 10.12) secure. Any leftover focus will be spent trying to close up the loopholes

2) If you are keeping your older OS because of a software program, you should start looking for a replacement now.

Operating systems can be a huge positive for some software programs and a real death blow for others. If you have a program you absolutely need to use and can’t update, you may want to start planning for a new computer anyway. Your new computer you can use for internet related tasks and keep your older one safe. (You can bring it into The MacSpa for a Spa Day to make sure it is running in top shape!)

3) Older operating systems can be taking up more space on your machine!

The new OS, Sierra, had some wonderful back end changes (the part of the OS you don’t see) and can help you manage space more efficiently. Your old OS could be holding you back, if you’re constantly running out of space.

If you’re unsure about updating your OS or have any questions at all, please feel free to call us! We can provide training, advice and all the maintenance you need to keep your computer running smoothly!

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