Comes-the-StormWhen I decided I wanted to make my novel, “Viene la Tormenta – Comes the Storm,” a unique offering, with over one hundred illustrations; including my photographs, drawings, paintings, and one of a kind, hand-drawn chapter icons, I realized – in order to achieve my artistic vision – that I was going to have to self publish.

Primarily a visual artist, and at the ancient age of sixty-three, an avowed anachronist – not fluent in I. T. – I had no idea how I was going to format the manuscript, convert my photos and art to the proper file type and size, place all the images in the text, choose a typestyle, page layout option, and generally follow the Books On Demand formatting guide.

In a moment of fortunate clarity, I turned to Amy McKnight and Miguel Tarango of The MacSpa for help and guidance. Lucky me! Amy and Miguel listened to my wants and needs, patiently wading through my angst to finally arrive at the core of my wish list. In a quick minute we arrived at a clear plan for achieving my artistic vision through the lens of the Books On Demand process.

Amy allayed my fears by quickly formatting the book (345 pages) and art to comply with the B.O.D. formatting guide. A huge weight was suddenly removed from my shoulders, and I, for the first time, believed that my novel was going to be all that I hoped it would.

Amy procured my ISBN #, helped design the cover graphics, and was available to the B. O. D. staff to iron out the several technical glitches that invariably happen during inputting book files to the printing machine.

Even when I subsequently made several major changes to the design and copy of the book, Amy and Miguel were there to smooth the way, make sure the changes complied with the B.O.D. process, and provide complex technical support to the B.O.D. team as it was needed.

When it came time to adapt the book to e-files for e-book release, Amy made the leap effortless and faithful to the print version, and placed the book with all the ebook retailers for me.

Then, Amy built my website!

I wouldn’t be a published author now without Amy and Miguel guiding my every step. The best part of the experience was the real interest and care they expressed in my work, my vision, and ultimately, the final product.

— S. C. Thompson

The MacSpa