What we do

We believe that people never stop learning. With our devices changing every single day, we understand it’s hard to keep up. That’s why we created a safe place focused on learning, specifically for users of Apple products, to come for advice, support, and more.

One of our Mac Mentors can remotely connect with you to solve issues or help you with questions, and our Memberships provide comprehensive monitoring, support, and unlimited classes. We want technology to be accessible to everyone, so we’re the team to call when you need help.

Before coming to The MacSpa, our Mac Mentors were trainers and leaders within Apple businesses for a combined 25 years, and have always exclusively used Apple products.

Our team of trained and experienced professionals will solve your woes and de-mystify the complexities of your Mac or Apple devices. Sign up for a consultation or appointment to experience the expert personal and professional service you get with our awesome team!

Check out our new website with an improved experience for Mac Memberships and Classes: www.mymacmentor.com!

-Amy and The MacSpa team 





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