Who we are


Owner, Mac Mentor

Amy has a BA in Advertising Design, and has worked as a designer in the print and publications industry. Having always worked with Macs in creative industries since 1998, she has a passion for technology, as well as the arts and music, and loves coming up with creative solutions to technology challenges. After 6 years with Apple and training others, she co-founded The MacSpa with her fellow Apple expats. She still enjoys teaching others, solving problems, and creating on the Mac. Amy lives in Denver with her husband Eric and two cats.


Steve Ohlfest
Mac Mentor, Class & Technical Coordinator

Steve has been with The MacSpa since 2013. He has a Bachelor’s degree from Northern Arizona University in Broadcast Production and 20+ years experience working with Apple products. He spent over 7 years instructing and supporting Macs, iPads and iPhones at the Apple Store. He returned to Denver, following a year and a half managing the World’s Only Authorized Apple Reseller at Sea, The Celebrity iLounge. Steve has numerous Apple Certifications and extensive experience developing and delivering Apple product content instruction. He specializes in videography, and enjoys creating wedding, sport, equine and small business video productions. In his spare time, Steve loves spending time outdoors – skiing, hiking, biking or riding his horses.




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