A Love of Urban Culture
Artwork by Dunn – The Signtologist
THE MACSPA & ART PIMP PRODUCTIONS presents artwork by DUNN – THE SIGNTOLOGIST on display through the month of August, 2013 at The MacSpa 1738 Wynkoop, Suite 103, Denver, CO 80202.
Contact: Eric Matelski at [email protected]  303-898-4350
How I know Dunn:
Shortly after I first stumbled into the job of curating in Denver, I kept hearing about this amazing art that was being done on street signs. The same people that were telling me about this art–and the artist–were telling me he was having a hard time getting people to show his work. Because the art was made on street signs, places were afraid of the liabilities of people thinking it was stolen property. Long story short, I met Dan Ericson AKA Dunn – The Signtologist and I took a chance on showing his work. The response was incredible. The reflective material of the signs lit up the room. This show would lead to many others, plus collaborations, and most importantly, a great friendship. Since then I have displayed Dunn’s work every August (which is also his birthday month). This year Dunn’s work will spread the urban love at The MacSpa for the month of August. -Eric Matelski
Public Reception will be held Thursday, August 1st, 6-9pm.
More about Dunn:
In 2005 when legendary Roots MC, Black Thought, dubbed him the Signtologist, nobody knew exactly how far Denver-based Dan Ericson, best known as Dunn The Street Sign Artist, would take the new name. Since beginning this seemingly fateful journey, Dunn has become the creator of a soulfully crafted cycle the likes of which the art, hip hop or urban street scenes have never seen. This entirely green artist has turned his art form into a science, recycling hundreds of street signs into unique homages to the musicians, actors, public figures and athletes that inspire him.
An unconventional art form to say the least, Dunn fell upon using street signs as canvas by chance. Fate, a love of urban culture, and an extensive animation and graphic design background led him to the pieces you see today. Dunn’s work is owned by a number of artists such as Rakim, De La Soul, Spike Lee, Digable Planets, Pharrell and Wyclef Jean. This outreach on his part has allowed his artwork to gain national attention as well as helping to complete the cycle of inspiration. Further, hip-hop magazine XXL realized Dunn’s talent before many others, and brought his work to a whole new level when he was featured in the Dec 2007 issue.
The MacSpa: The MacSpa is a service-based computer boutique, located in downtown Denver. Their personal approach to technology is focused on exceptional customer service through home and business visits, consulting, and training, in a comfortable spa-like environment. Art receptions are held every first Thursday 6-9pm. Artwork changes monthly and is curated by Eric Matelski.
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