Keeping Your Mac Healthy

Here at The MacSpa, we believe in preventive maintenance, educating, and helping our clients to avoid major problems with their Macs. Like a treasured car, a well-maintained Mac can have a useful lifespan of many years. Our customers keep and use their Macs from 2 to...

“Transcendental” art show

March-May 2016 “Transcendental”: When I think of abstract art, I think of artists that have a strong sense of realism and the ordinary; however, they use their imagination to transcend us to new worlds. Artists: Mark Goodman is well known for his vibrant paintings of...

current and upcoming art exhibits

“Noir” June – August 2016: The Noir Art Show features works inspired by 1950s and 1960s noir television series and movies created by Denver artist Leslie Aguillard. This year also marks The MacSpa’s 7th year in business, so our reception will...
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