While it’s always difficult to predict the future direction of Apple, some recent company developments seem a bit curious. Here’s my take:

photo credit: AppleInsider

In my Technology Blog from August 9, 2016, I posed the question: ‘Do you really need a Mac?‘. Since that time, Apple has released an all-new line of MacBook Pros that are:
1. non-upgradable (neither the RAM nor Solid State Device storage can ever be replaced),
2. non-recyclable (the battery is firmly glued into the computer making recycling impossible),
3. necessitate the need for adapters (they ONLY come with the new Thunderbolt 3 ports, which requires an adapter for any legacy USB, Thunderbolt and Ethernet connectors), and
4. are significantly more expensive than their predecessors. Apple also has determined that its entry-level laptop, the MacBook Air will no longer be upgraded. All of this solidifies my belief that the days of the traditional Apple laptop (likely desktops as well) are numbered.

Additionally, Apple has already abandoned their monitor (Cinema Display) business and a recent report from Bloomberg suggests that Apple will be abandoning their WiFi (Airport) business very soon. As Apple enthusiasts, where do we go from here?

Apple (and their competition) certainly understand that the future of computing is in portable devices and online services. However, Apple has some ‘catching up’ to do in these areas – primarily with Google. Google’s world of online services and devices is rapidly expanding, but still integrate well with Apple’s portable devices.

Photo Credit: The USB Port

This month, we’ll be introducing the first of many workshops to introduce you to the world of Google and how to best leverage Google’s services with the Apple devices you already own. In this first workshop, you’ll learn how to use Gmail; Google Photos to supplement (or replace) Apple Photos; Google Drive and Google’s productivity suite; Google Maps and other useful Google services. In upcoming workshops, we’ll discuss other topics related to Google like their business services, their new line of portable devices (Google Wifi, Home etc.) etc.
Sign up for the first workshop, Friday, February 17th, 3:30pm!

The MacSpa’s Mission is: ‘to empower people through the magic of technology’. As the world of technology continues to evolve, we want to educate you on the latest tools available – whether or not they can be found on Apple’s website. 😉

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