MD-512x512We are excited to announce our newest service that will save you time, money, stress, and frustration with your Mac experience. We have bundled a suite of software that has been in use and constant development since 2010, and has proven success and accolades from clients and Apple service providers everywhere.

With The MacSpa M.D. we are able to quickly, efficiently and effectively monitor the health and performance of your Mac without the expense and delay of having to travel to your home or office. The MacSpa M.D. is a set of tools that allows your computer to report the condition and health of both the software and hardware. These tools run in the background, meaning they perform their tasks on your computer without disturbing your workflow.

Additionally, if you would like to have a MacSpa team member screen share with you for training or to resolve an issue, The MacSpa M.D. allows you to do just that! No more frustrations trying to explain what you are seeing on your screen, you can show us!

The M.D. service has 3 main components:
1. a diagnostic and reporting tool for alerting us of problems and changes to the system;
2. an updating tool to eliminate the need to ever run your own manual software updates*, including Apple, Adobe, Microsoft Office software, and hundreds more. In addition, your Mac is regularly screened for malware, which can easily be removed or quarantined if detected.
3. a remote-access component to allow easy screen sharing, or remote help when needed

By signing up for this service you can rest assured that only approved and tested updates will be deployed on your Mac. You can ignore nagging prompts for updates and continue working as normal. When you log out at night or during a break, our M.D. service will spring into action to get all routine maintenance done and software updates complete during downtime.

In addition, we will be just a click away with a custom icon in your Menu bar. You can easily submit a support request if you have any issues or concerns and we will respond as soon as possible.


  • Save time from troubleshooting issues and constantly updating software.
  • Save money from fewer service calls, maintenance visits, and catastrophic emergencies.
  • Save the stress and frustration from never having to manage the tedious everyday tasks that interrupt your workflow and use up valuable time.
  • Insure your Mac is performing, backing up, staying up to date, and free of malware and infections.



Sign up for a special introductory rate of $19/month when paid for one year. (A la carte pricing is $25/month per computer.)

Schedule a free consultation and find out if this service is right for you and your Mac-based business!



What is The MacSpa M.D.?
The MacSpa M.D. is a type of managed service that is common in the Windows/PC world, but not yet as popular in the Mac world. We call it a “proactive maintenance plan.”

Who needs The MacSpa M.D.?
The MacSpa M.D. is good for anyone who values their time, and does not enjoy spending it troubleshooting little issues or downloading and installing updates. As software updates are required for security and are necessary more and more frequently, stopping for updates often gets in the way of productivity. As a result, important updates are ignored, or time is wasted attempting to download updates, restarting the computer, etc. It is also great for anyone who has been a victim of malware, as this is very costly to remove manually. For the malware removal alone, this service pays for itself. It’s also great if you don’t have access to local tech support or want to spend less money on technicians to visit in person. There are a number of issues that can be handled remotely for a fraction of the cost of an on-site visit. It’s especially great for businesses who want to keep their employees up to date and working efficiently.

Does this take up a lot of space or memory on my computer?
Not at all. The very small software installer has a quick one-time setup and quietly works in the background, sending status updates and running software updates as needed. It does a very good job of staying out of your way.

Do I have to do anything?
example of notificationOnce the quick initial setup is complete, the only thing you will need to do is log out of the computer occasionally. We recommend logging off at night so the work can happen by itself. If you forget to log out for a while, you will see a reminder to do so. Updates and maintenance cannot occur if the computer is shut down or in Sleep mode.

How do I know if it’s doing anything?

If it’s working correctly, you will barely notice it at all. You occasionally get a prompt to log out of your computer. When you do, the updating process happens automatically. The monitoring tool always checks fo disk issues in the background and reports back to us. You will see few to zero prompts for updates as they will be happening automatically. If there is a problem, you will be notified. You may request a copy of your reports anytime, and we compile a summary at the end of each quarter to review with you.

What updates are being done?
All common updates for Apple and Adobe software, Microsoft Office, as well as hundreds of other popular software titles. If you have a less common application that is not getting updated, let us know and we may be able to add it for you. Some App Store software cannot be updated as it is linked to your Apple ID, so you will still need to update App Store purchases.

Why am I still seeing prompts for software updates? Aren’t you supposed to be keeping up with these?
We recommend dismissing prompts for updates and we will take care of it. Sometimes it takes a couple of weeks or more if we find any issues with that particular update. We will run the update when it has passed our testing phase. There have been times when it is advisable to skip one update and wait for the next one. In some cases, update prompts are from unknown sources and should be ignored. If you have some proprietary software that is not part of our update process, we may be able to add it for you. Some App Store software cannot be updated as it is linked to your Apple ID, so you will still need to update certain App Store purchases.

Can you spy on me?
We only enter your computer when requested, and with permission if something needs to be fixed or we schedule a session. We will request your password for screen sharing. Otherwise, the software runs by itself when you log out of the computer. We cannot “see” you when we are monitoring, just your computer’s stats, and the screen when you request screen sharing.

What if I need additional help?
MD-menu icon-dropdownYou will have a MD icon on your menu bar you can click to create a support ticket by email. This goes directly into our system and we respond as soon as possible with next steps. If you need troubleshooting or additional work, we will estimate pricing for you before performing the work.

What is included in the monthly price?
We get you set up with the initial install which takes 5-10 minutes. After that, you are receiving regular maintenance and updates, malware scan and removal, making sure your backup is working, among other diagnostic reporting. We alert you of any critical errors and review a summary of work completed at least twice per year. Any projects, or issues that need to be addressed will be estimated separately.

What does the M.D. stand for?
Not only is the M.D. a play on the idea of a doctor, but also stands for “Managed Devices” as we get into more remote management and software deployment.

More Questions?
Feel free to give us a call or send an email, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. Since this is a new service, we are constantly improving, and your feedback is welcome.


* We keep thousands of software titles up to date and deploy them so you don’t have to! There are some instances we cannot perform the updates.


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