The height of the busy Summer Travel Season is upon us and if you’re like me, you’re just counting the days until your next big trip! When you travel, your iPhone or iPad can be an invaluable travel tool for communication, photos and videos, and using incredible apps to make travel experiences easier, faster and cheaper.

Starting in July, The MacSpa’s Class Series will focus on how to take full advantage of using your iPhone or iPad when you travel.

On July 18, we’ll be offering a new class at The MacSpa entitled ‘Travel Apps and Deals’. Whether or not you’ve already made plans, you’ll learn how to use your iPhone or iPad with some great travel Apps and strategies for making travel better and cheaper (or even free). (Sign up for classes here.)

Do you still travel with a dedicated still or video camera, then copy photos and videos to your Mac when you get home? Did you know that your iPhone or iPad can have all of the functionality of a professional camera, combined with the editing (still and video) capabilities of a Mac? July 21st’s class will teach you all about the Apps that make this possible.

After travelling with an iPad as your sole computer, you may wonder why you even need your Mac when you get home. On July 17th, we’ll teach you how to make the transition from Mac to iPad. Apple’s newest operating system for iPad, iOS 11, makes iPad feel more Mac-like and we’ll give you a preview of this system on July 10.

So before you travel this year, join us at The MacSpa to learn how to get the most out of your device. The small investment in this class will more than pay for itself with all the time- and money-saving tips you’ll take away. And don’t forget to share your photos with us when you return!

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