tmobileiphoneNow, with more carriers than ever to choose from, isn’t it time you got an iPhone?

We all know iPhone is THE smartphone to have, right? It is arguably the best smartphone you can buy for its wealth of features, thousands of apps, and ease of use. If you already own Apple products, the iPhone will seamlessly integrate into your Apple lifestyle. If you are new to the Apple product line, you will likely be pleasantly surprised with the amount of power you’ll immediately possess the moment you pick up an iPhone and start to customize it with your email, calendars, apps, wallpaper, and more.

Recently, T-Mobile was added to the lineup of carriers who can now offer the iPhone. This is great news for those who have been T-Mobile customers but have never had the option of buying an iPhone before.

AT&T was the exclusive provider for iPhone for the first 2 years, starting in 2007. Next, Verizon was added, then Sprint, Cricket, and finally T-Mobile.

Costs are also coming down, making the iPhone more affordable for more people. I paid $599 for my first generation 8GB iPhone when it launched in 2007, plus my contract price of around $80/month. Now, with a 2 year contract, iPhones are available starting at $99. Individual contracts will cost anywhere from $50-$100/month, and family plans will vary, giving you features like shared minutes, unlimited texting, and more.

If you’re not sure which provider is best for you, check the coverage areas for voice and data, and see which features you get with each plan. Ask yourself if you prefer better voice quality for phone calls, or better data connectivity or activities such as checking email, downloading apps, and browsing the web. As providers update their towers and technology, all options will get better and faster with time, so ask around and do your research before selecting a provider–after all, you’ll have to keep whoever you choose for at least 2 years! (Cricket is the exception with a pay-as-you-go plan.)

Technology is truly amazing, and there is so much you can do with an iPhone–a mini computer in your pocket. If you need help deciding what to buy or need a class on getting the most from your new device, give us a call at The MacSpa!

— by Amy McKnight

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