How do you remember all your passwords? In this age of technology, there is a login required for just about anything you do online. Email, social networking, shopping, banking, paying bills…the list goes on and on! Before you know it, your mind is boggling with just how many there are and you can’t keep them straight. This is a familiar problem we see with clients every day. So, what is the best way to keep track of all those logins and passwords?

You can write them down on paper. But if that paper gets lost, or you change your password and forget to write it down, or scratch it out, you are back to square one.

A spreadsheet is an effective way to keep an organized list, as long as you remember to keep it updated. But what if the spreadsheet is on your home computer, and then you are traveling with a laptop or iPad and don’t have access to it? If someone else uses your computer, will they have easy access to every password?

Your Mac has a built-in way to keep passwords in Keychain Access. Not only does it store some passwords automatically, such as your email and common web logins, but you can add your own items to your keychain. You just need your Mac’s admin password to unlock and see any password you request. This will work great if you only use one computer and have a secure admin password to keep prying eyes out.

So, what if you have more than one computer, iPad, iPhone and/or you just want a more secure way to store passwords? Luckily, in the digital age “there’s an App for that.” In fact, there are lots of apps for that. Here are a few we’ve tried.

by mSeven Software
Cost $19.99 (Mac) ; $9.99 (iOS)
Compatibility: Mac, Windows, iOS, Android
This is a top rated app that syncs across devices. Your problem of forgetting a password on the go is now resolved, as you can buy the app for your mobile devices and have everything the desktop app has. You set one master password to unlock any of your requested passwords or to add items. There are different categories and cute little icons you can assign to your logins to keep them organized. You can even create your own templates to store additional information attached to your login, such as account numbers, frequent flyer numbers, emails, and more. It is pretty straightforward and easy to use.

by agilebits
Cost $49.99 (Mac); $14.99 (iOS)
Compatibility: Mac, Windows, iOS, Android
1Password will generate a secure password for you, and then autofill with a click whenever you revisit the site. Never write down or remember a password again! With the mobile version, you can sync between computers and devices. This one costs more than the others, but is top rated and guaranteed. In fact, you can even try it free for 30 days if you download from their website. If you are tired of coming up with unique passwords and want the most secure way to generate and store them, this app is for you!

by SplashData
Cost: $19.99 (Mac) ; $9.99 (iOS)

Compatibility: Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Palm OS

This is a popular and affordable app, but does not get as high of ratings as the others mainly due to its synchronization being less smooth than the other top rated apps. It does, however work with the most devices, so if you have a Palm or Blackberry you want to share with, this app is for you.

Take a peek at the App Store and you will find over 100 apps just for storing passwords. Check the ratings and features and see which is right for you. Let us know your favorites!

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