Prevent real-time security threats. Protect your Mac, data & privacy.

Malwarebytes is powerful on its own, or bundle with one of our Mac memberships for a great rate. Protect your Mac today with the most effective malware and ransomware product on the market.

Download a free copy of Malwarebytes and then click the link below to purchase your activation code. Use promo code MBMAC to save 15% off the annual subscription price. If you sign up for one of our Memberships, you can add Malwarebytes to your subscription for 50% off! Call for details.

Mac defense for individuals and organizations

If you own a Mac, you need Malwarebytes. It provides vital protection for business and personal computers so you can work securely wherever you go.

Powerful on its own, enhanced when you bundle with a plan

Malwarebytes is the most efficient way to crush viruses and malware attacks. Add to your Mac membership for additional support and monitoring.

Combine cybersecurity with 1-click support from your Mac Mentors

The MacSpa now provides Malwarebytes as an add-on option with our Mac Basic, Mac Classic, and Mac Mentor worry-free comprehensive support Membership plans.

Memberships include 1-1 support credits, unlimited remote classes and Q&A sessions, and discounts on all services. Even our Basic plan provides endless opportunities to learn how to make your iOS devices and Mac work for you. Members at the Classic and Mentor level provide more 1-on-1 training and mentoring. Schedule your first complimentary call to discuss what you want out of your membership. We love helping clients achieve their goals. If we’ve made tech more intuitive for you, if you’re inspired to start a project, we’re here and look forward to talking with you.

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