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Need to cover additional macs? Add maintenance for only $180/year/mac.

Talk with a Mac expert and customize a plan to suit your needs.

Personalized Mac help, membership prices

Learn at your own pace

We dedicate the time to educate each client on their own level. Many clients have projects they’re working on and need a little support. Our clients return because they’re excited to work more intuitively on their Mac and iOS devices.

• On-location or remote support
• Unlimited Classes and Open Sessions
• Expert guidance and 1-on-1 support
• Smooth running equipment

Which plan is right for you?

Classes and Training can now be done remotely on all plans!

I’d like some good pointers

“I’m pretty tech-savvy and try to update my Apple products less than every 3 years. I tell people I know enough about technology to get by but I know it could easily get over my head.”

Mac and ios classes


Since John updates his technology regularly, and is fairly tech-savvy, we’d recommend the Mac Classic Plan. He could use his 8 annual support credits towards transferring data from his old devices to his new ones. He might need some pointers on how to use the newest hardware and software features available in his new devices, so he could take unlimited classes remotely or in-shop, and use his remaining credits towards personal training. He can continue to use his newer Mac worry-free because the Standard Plan includes Mac Maintenance.

I’d like to meet regularly

“When it comes to technology, I’m lost. I know that in today’s world, technology is necessary, but I need someone to meet with me weekly so that I can learn how to use it.”


Since Susan wants to learn about her technology during regular, weekly meetings, we’d recommend the Mac Mentor Plan. This plan includes enough credits for up to 20 hour-long personal training sessions during which we can build her technology knowledge. If Susan wants more assistance after using her 20 annual support credits, additional credits will be billed at a significantly reduced rate. In addition, the Mentor Plan includes remote monitoring and maintenance of her Mac; and she can attend unlimited classes with a friend.

I won’t need much 1-on-1 support

“I live in a rural community far from the Denver area. I’d like someone to keep an eye on my Mac to let me know when problems arise. Most technology issues I can handle on my own, but I’d like to be able to call a company whom I trust on occasion to help me when I’m stuck.”


Since Eloise can handle most technology issues on her own, we’d recommend the Mac Basic Plan. It includes remote Mac maintenance, unlimited remote classes and two Credits that she can use for remote support.

I need iPad & iPhone help

“My wife and I are retired and on a limited budget. We want to learn more about our Apple devices and have the flexibility to attend classes when they are offered. ”


We’d recommend the Class Pass for Larry and his wife. This plan includes unlimited classes that both of them can attend together, either at The MacSpa or remotely. In addition, Open Sessions for general questions are also included with this Plan.

Gain access to inclusive community support with your membership

Unlimited Open Sessions, Classes, Members Facebook Page and Monthly Email Tips

Compare Plan Discounts and Service Credits


Mac Basic Plan $32/mo annual billing (or $35 monthly billing)

Mac Class Pass icon

Unlimited Classes and Workshops for you and a guest!

Unlimited Open Sessions in-store or remotely from your Mac

Mac Support

1-Click Mac Support

• Automatic monitoring
• malware scans
• Diagnostics, fixes
• Helpful notifications
• Real support people
• Priority service
• Personal check-ins
• Remote screen sharing

mac services discount



Save on additional MacSpa services

MacSpa Service Credits



1 credit gets you 1 hour  of training  or tech  support

Mac Classic Plan $63/mo annual billing (or $69 monthly billing)

Includes All Services in Basic Plan

(Class Pass + MacSpa MD)





Mac Mentor Plan $130/mo annual billing (or $149 monthly billing)

Includes All Services in Basic Plan

(Class Pass + MacSpa MD)





Only Interested in Unlimited Open Sessions & Classes? The Class Pass might be right for you!

Unlimited classes and Open Sessions
-Included with all Mac Plans

Mac Classes and Workshops

Purchase New Class Pass $225


How do support credits work?
Support credits work for all services. One credit is equal to one hour for most services. Trip charges and flat rate services translate to partial credits. Credits never expire as long as you have an active membership!

How does billing work?
We request a stored credit card for automatic billing on a recurring basis. You may choose to pay monthly or annually (best value). All memberships are an annual commitment and can be upgraded or downgraded on your renewal date.

I want to come to classes, but my schedule is difficult. What is a good plan for me?
We are building our online courses so you will be able to attend our classes remotely via Zoom, or watch the recorded sessions on your own time. Classes are $25 each, or unlimited with Class Pass and comes with all MacSpa Memberships. The Class Pass is the best value at $225/year to get access to unlimited live classes as well as remote classes, AND includes Open Sessions on Fridays 9am – 11am. Additional Open Sessions will be announced. Feedback welcome!

What is The MacSpa MD and how does it work?
This is the powerful and lightweight software package we use to proactively monitor your Mac’s health and stats, and to provide remote screen share support sessions with you by request. It is included with all Mac memberships. Sign up for a free trial and read more about how it works at:

How do I request support?
You can schedule on-site visits, 30- and 60-minute sessions, classes, and drop-offs from our website. You can open a support ticket at any time from the MD menu on your Mac. You can always call our office for quick questions, and if your mentor or tech is not immediately available, we will schedule a call or screen share with you.

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