I started out working with Apple clients quite a few years ago, doing technical support and as a trainer. I fell in love with the accessibility of Apple products long ago, and thoroughly enjoyed my time working with customers and teaching others to work with customers. After a short time as a Quality Analyst for an Apple project, I decided I missed training and started looking for new roles which is how I ended up here at The Macspa!

I have always loved being able to work with people with disabilities, especially when it comes to technology. I am no stranger to having a disability, being autistic with an autoimmune disease, and I know what it’s like to feel ostracized due to a lack of accessibility. Apple has truly opened up a whole new world of accessible technology and I love being able to share that with others who may need it!
Apple has shown me that there’s no limit, even with disability, to what you can do. That is my Apple Story!

The MacSpa