I can remember being introduced to Apple technology in third grade, when my school classroom received its first Apple II/IIe computer that we used to create simple documents and play learning games. In an attempt to introduce its products to children at a young age, Apple virtually gave this computer model to thousands of schools across the nation at that time. Thus, this was the computer that I continued to use throughout my grade, middle and high school years – whether I was creating an essay, compiling simple Basic programs or adding titles to my numerous video productions.

 It was my interest in video production that kept me using Apple computers. The two universities I attended had made investments in the more sophisticated Apple Macintosh computers, which had advanced graphics cards capable of handling taxing video production tasks. I was first introduced to editing a video production on a Mac from start to finish while enrolled in a ‘Video Art’ class during my Junior year. I was mesmerized by the prospect of using a computer for video editing, as I’d only used complicated and bulky editing equipment prior to then. I even wrote my term paper for my ‘Computers in Broadcasting’ class on the revolution that editing on a computer would bring to the entire broadcasting world. The entire Telecommunications Department’s faculty made a point to sit in on my term paper presentation, as the information I was presenting was groundbreaking at the time.

 Of course, computer technology being what it is, more capable video editing Macs (and accompanying courses) became available by the following year. My university invested over $60K in a single video editing Macintosh system, that essentially had the same video production  capabilities included in every Mac, iPhone or iPad today.

 As a graduation gift, my parents purchased a Power Mac 8100AV with a card designed to assist with video editing. The ‘AV’ line of Power Macs were the first to incorporate special ports for importing and converting analog video. Although the quality wasn’t great, I was thrilled to have the ability to edit video on my own computer!

 Soon after the first Apple Stores opened in Tysons, VA and Glendale, CA in 2001, I made a special trip to LA. I can remember walking into that store and seeing an enthusiastic employee making a presentation at the back of the store about all of the newest features in OS X. I immediately exclaimed ‘I want to be that guy!’.

 I wasn’t in a position to live near an Apple Store until early 2004, when moving to Las Vegas. The week I arrived, I was hired and subsequently transferred to the Denver – Cherry Creek store nine months later. I was soon promoted to a management position at Aspen Grove and became a trainer a few years later. I stayed at this store until 2011, when I was hired by Celebrity Cruises to run one of their onboard Apple outlets.

 When my cruise ship employment ended in late 2012, I joined The MacSpa and hope to continue helping people with their Apple products here for years to come. I feel fortunate to have had both my personal and professional life shaped by the technology products I love.

The MacSpa