We Apple fans are a special breed. I’m always curious to hear other people’s Apple stories. I pre-screen candidates for hire with this question, and almost every person I talk to who has owned Apple products has their own version of how they joined the fold. (And in some cases, why they passionately HATE Apple!)

So, here is my story, and I hope you’ll share yours as well!
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We had a family computer at home that we (the kids) used mostly to play games. Maybe mom and dad used it for more practical things, but computers in those days were typically little more than a word processor. And we had dial-up, so the internet was slow and mostly useless. I couldn’t even tell you what kind of computer it was, but it was not a Mac!

In college, for some reason, I always gravitated to the corner of the computer lab with the Macs–I liked the interface and the happy Mac icon when you turned it on. Now I needed a computer to write documents and check my email. Later on, I went to school for graphic design, and the art departments only used Apple, so I continued to learn, and I produced all my art and web projects on a Mac, and saved my files on ZIP disks!

When I got my first job out of college, the company I worked for used all Macs, and I learned not only how to get better at graphic design, but also how to troubleshoot and solve problems on my own.

Much later, after I left that job and started seeking a new one, I finally purchased my very first Mac–a graphite iMac G3. I loved it, I did freelance design work, played games, burned CDs, chatted online, you name it, I used it for everything. Gone were the days of working in the computer labs and only at work–I was an adult and had my very own computer!

My love for Apple grew, and I ended up actually working at an Apple Store shortly after they started opening across the U.S., beginning in 2001. I remember walking through the Cherry Creek mall in Denver one day and seeing the storefront with the glowing white Apple logo and it just about blew my mind. Before Apple Stores, you could only purchase online or from Apple Authorized Resellers, which were pretty rare. Not like today where you can find Apple products at practically every big-box store!

I walked in, looked around, and spoke to a sales associate. I saw the iMac G4, eMacs, the PowerBook and iBooks. I learned about .mac (the precursor to iCloud) and even found a solution to my too-short keyboard cable. Before I left, with my fancy white plastic backpack-style Apple shopping bag, I asked for a job application, which I filled out–on paper!–and I imagine it went into a large stack in a back office.

About a year after I applied, I got a call for an interview, and after an extended process interviewing with 3 managers, I got the job! It started as part-time but eventually became full-time, and I stayed there for almost 6 years.

My next Mac purchase was not until the iMac G5 came out, and oh boy, I LOVED that computer. I remember unboxing it, setting it up on my desk, and playing for hours, organizing files, and taking photos with the built-in camera and Photo Booth app.

I became very knowledgable about all the different models, the software, and learned how to use Apple resources to find answers and solve problems. My co-workers were also exceptionally smart and talented, and I learned a lot from them as well.

The iPod was just ramping up into its prime, and its popularity breathed new life into Apple at that time. The store was always busy. I’ll never forget the wildly successful iPod mini that came out in 5 colors, and we could not keep them in stock. People would be on a wait list for days or weeks to get a particular color.

I was working during the launch of the first iPhone in 2007. I worked every holiday, every product launch, and I loved it. I bought the iPhone at that launch and paid $599. Employees would receive one for free, so my husband got one too!

Every time I would travel to a city with an Apple Store, I would be sure to either visit the store, or at least walk by and take a photo in front of it. I saved every Apple t-shirt we were issued as employees, and plan to make a quilt out of them someday.

Fast-forward to leaving Apple and now running my own consulting business–I have had favorite models, and also discovered the duds over the years. My favorite iPod was the first generation iPod Shuffle that was also a USB flash drive that came with a lanyard you could wear around your neck. Genius! And so versatile.

My favorite iPhones were the first generation, and the iPhone 5. My favorite Macs were the iMac G3, 12″ PowerBook G4, iMac G4, iMac G5, and the 2013-2015 MacBook Pro retina. The M1 MacBook Air is really nice also.

So, it continues. The future is full of surprises and new innovations. What does Apple have in store for us next?

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