THE MACSPA & Curator Eric Matelski present artwork by Leslie Aguillard on display now through the end of August, 2016 at The MacSpa 1738 Wynkoop, Suite 103, Denver, CO 80202.

Contact: Eric Matelski at [email protected]  303-898-4350

This year The MacSpa celebrates 7 years of helping creative types with their computer needs and 7 years of exhibiting local art.

The Noir Art Show features works inspired by 1950s and 1960s noir television series and movies created by Denver artist Leslie Aguillard.

Public Reception and Anniversary Celebration will be held Sunday, July 17th, 2:00pm – 5:00pm.
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Artist’s Statement and Brief Biography for Leslie Ann Aguillard 

I was lucky to have had art in all the schools attended as a child.  In Park Forest, home of “The Organization Man,”  Illinois is where I attended Rich Township High School 50+ years ago. It was my first art shows, art awards, and also a time when I loved film noir and black-and-white television.

My undergraduate art degree is from Illinois State University where art was both my major and minor.  I have done many portraits and commissions, from wall murals to painting on eggshells.  For several years I carved marble and limestone, soap stone and salt licks.  Working as a “commercial artist” in my own business (Artemis Arts) for over 30 years trained me to do many things and quickly to satisfy customers and publishing schedules.

For my own work and satisfaction, I drew upon my emotional and spiritual life, social commentary and observations, studies, favorite locations such as beaches and parks, explored colorations and graphic images to suit my mood and even non-objective  abstractions that are interesting me now more than ever.  Influences, other than popular culture, were Pop artist Tom Wesselmann and Milton Avery in the 1960s  rather than Mary Cassatt;  and Andy Warhol more than Helen Frankenthaler, but they’ve all seeped in over time.  It is one thing I like about doing the ‘homages,’ for  both for contemplation  and technique.

When dry spells came I would paint Washington Park near my Denver home to get engaged again.

Although I do not like to haul my tools to set up outdoors and brave the elements as some do, my photographer husband suggested my photos would improve if I tried composing them as I would a painting in the camera.  Before I only took photos to capture time and place without the attendant feelings – those I would add later as I viewed the photos again. But I liked the idea of making better photos for their own sakes, and then I began to paint from them once back in the studio.  Not sure I’ve accomplished that.

Having sat on the boards of both the national Women’s Caucus for Art, and the Colorado Artist’s guild, I had other opportunities to show with artists regionally and nationally and enjoy thematic inspirations from their shows, such as Sometimes a Cigar is only a Cigar featured in the “Reversing the Gaze: Man as Object” show, a national WCA exhibit in 2012.  I regret not having been more careful with old slides and prints of pieces from the 1960’s on to the 90’s, so the documentation in those decades is spotty. Now I hear that digital documents I’ve been madly saving won’t last forever, either. Well, what does?

What I like about visual art is that whatever won’t  come out in poetry or other writing, comes out in lines, color and shapes.  I like stories. Humor is also important and often my commentaries are tongue-in-cheek, or biting the cheek as in the “ Allegories of Women’s Lives.”  I like series.  I really enjoyed black and white ink and graphite work inspired from old television, nostalgic, dark, and also romantic.  I hope you enjoy the Noir Series.  It was such an interesting time, smoking was considered glamorous, healthy even, it was ubiquitous!   I am so happy that Eric and Amy wanted this show up for their anniversary!  It is all a love story fundamentally.   But as in life, as in the Noir series, it is many shades of gray, where morality and choices may have a variety of reasons and consequences.”

In 2012 Leslie was ordained a Catholic Priest in the Independent Catholic church, “The Independent Catholic movement has been very nourishing to me, where women are clergy and priests can marry and there is little in the way of politics and dogma getting in the way of the compassion Jesus taught.”  Leslie is also a practitioner of Insight Buddhist meditation.

Please feel free to contact Leslie or Eric Matelski regarding sales or commissions, representation, encouragement or anything else that might be useful to you in life or work, or the enhancement of your space with images.

Artemis Arts, Fine and Healing Arts,  PO Box 40435, Denver, CO 80204        [email protected]

The MacSpa: The MacSpa is a service-based computer boutique, located in downtown Denver. Our personal approach to technology is focused on exceptional customer service through home and business visits, consulting, training, in a comfortable spa-like environment. The MacSpa is a strong supporter of the Denver arts community and is proud to present quarterly art exhibits curated by Eric Matelski.

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