iPad Keyboards
We have tried several iPad keyboard cases and are carrying our favorites. It really changes the way you interact with your iPad, and being able to type on a keyboard increases productivity if you write a lot of documents or email. 

Our number one pick is the ZAGGfolio ($120). The keyboard is detachable and you can buy the case (plastic) and keyboard separately so you can get the color you like, and a white, black or silver keyboard. The iPad fits inside the case, and it latches closed like a laptop. It is nice and compact, yet the keyboard and keys are as close to full-size as we have seen, so it is very comfortable to type on.

Our number two pick is the Boxwave keyboard ($99) paired with a back cover for the iPad. The keyboard is a small aluminum tray that the iPad snaps into face-down. This is probably as minimal as you can get with a keyboard. It takes a little getting used-to with the small keys, but it is very slim and sexy. I chose the Book Back by Dodo Case ($27) for mine to provide elegant protection. You can also choose a cool design with a Gelaskins cover. 

iPhone 4 wallet cases
We have been selling a lot of the Book Book for iPhone 4/4S by TwelveSouth. ($65)
With this unassuming, weathered leather book wallet, no one will know it is your most prized possession!
New: the vertical flip style wallet case by Simplism ($35)
A slim, leather and wood case to keep your phone, cards and ID in one place.
Come in to try on a case or call us to order one (303-292-0049). We can order all styles and colors available. Thanks for your support!
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