This is going to sound strange coming from someone who works at The MAC-Spa:

I’m no longer of the opinion that most people actually need a Mac. No, this doesn’t mean that you should get a Windows computer (that’d be way worse). I’m suggesting the possibility of ditching your desktop or laptop computer altogether in favor of an iPad (or better yet, iPad Pro).

I help people every day with their Apple products, and rarely do I find anyone who couldn’t accomplish everything they use their Mac for with an iPad. Try this for yourself: make a list of your daily computer tasks. For most people, this would include checking email, web surfing, creating and using documents and possibly some photo organization or editing. For all of these tasks, and much more, an iPad makes an excellent choice.

You might be wondering: How can iPads do everything Macs can do? Aren’t they limited on storage? How do they print? How can they connect to USB drives and other external storage devices? How is using programs like Microsoft Word possible?

We have answers to all of these questions and many more. Over the past year, several fantastic cloud-based solutions have been released that allow for iPad-based file management and organization (come to our ‘Demystifying the Cloud’ class to learn more). Local storage and printing is also possible via some great wireless solutions. Even Microsoft has really ‘stepped up their game’ as of late by releasing some outstanding iPad versions of Office.

So if you’re considering replacing an aging computer, consider ‘ditching the computer’ altogether.  To learn more, come to our new ‘Making the Switch from Computer to iPad‘ class now offered once each month.

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