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Your Mac is a fully functional creative studio, and Personal Projects are your ideas set in motion with expert guidance and the magic of technology. Set up a time with us as we sit and work with you on your masterpiece! You’ll produce great things and gain valuable knowledge. If you’d like to reserve time to discuss your personal project in person give us a call, or schedule an initial consultation »

Example Projects

  • Create stunning slideshows for friends and family events
  • Edit your home videos
  • Create powerful Keynote presentations
  • Publish ebooks on iBooks or Kindle
  • Professional guidance with Apple, Adobe, and other productivity apps

Example Client Projects and Testimonials

Home video editing
“I love adventures and I want to share them with my friends through pictures, music and natural sound. The MacSpa tutors gave me the knowledge and confidence to do exactly that. Now I can’t wait to take my camera and produce my next video!” —Karen B.

Watch one of Karen’s exciting vacation videos!

Self Published Books and eBooks

Personal-Projects-Book“When I decided I wanted to make my novel,  I realized – in order to achieve my artistic vision – that I was going to have to self publish … I had no idea how I was going to format the manuscript, convert my photos and art to the proper file type and size, place all the images in the text, choose a typestyle, page layout option, [etc.] … In a moment of fortunate clarity, I turned to Amy Mcknight at The MacSpa for help and guidance … In a quick minute we arrived at a clear plan for achieving my artistic vision through the lens of the Books On Demand process. [Then we adapted the book to e-files for e-book release … Then, Amy built my website! I wouldn’t be a published author now without Amy and Miguel guiding my every step. The best part of the experience was the real interest and care they expressed in my work, my vision, and ultimately, the final product.” —Scott T. Read the full testimonial »

Boomertown-Kindle-cover-thumbnailAre you seeking professional book design and formatting services? You won’t be disappointed if you hire Amy McKnight of The MacSpa to help you with your project.

In my book project, Amy assisted me in the detailed process of cover and interior design as well as file conversion for publication with Amazon’s CreateSpace and Kindle Direct. Amy’s patience, technical expertise, and desire to get the job done right were impressive.

The MacSpa is reasonably priced, sensitive to customer needs, and focused on producing quality results in a timely manner. I’d highly recommend Amy McKnight of The MacSpa for any of your book production needs. –Dennis K.


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