Note the new Siri icon in the left corner next to Finder and the pretty new Desktop picture.

I am always a skeptic when new operating systems come out. I like to wait until everyone else discovers all the inevitable bugs, conflicts, and unexpected problems that bubble up. Like a lot of people, I am on my computer constantly and can hardly take the time out to deal with an upgrade, or sometimes even a restart. My skepticism compounded with being busy, plus always running out of space on my hard drive kept me from upgrading to El Capitan, and before I knew it Sierra was released and I was still on Yosemite! How embarrassing!

So I took the plunge. I took some time to clear off some files, make sure my backup was up to date, quit all my apps (gasp), and then I downloaded Sierra and ran the installation. After the update, everything looked pretty normal, nothing blew up, and all my older apps were still working (I did verify this ahead of time using roaringapps.com). And of course, I now had access to all the great new features.  Here are The MacSpa Top 3 Staff Favorites:

3. Ability to rearrange menu bar icons. Just hold down the Command key as you click and drag, and you can move the icons such as Time Machine or Dropbox, even the Clock, to whatever order you want!

2. Siri. If you’re not great at typing, or just don’t want to bother lumbering around your computer looking for the right button, Siri makes it incredibly easy to launch Applications, search for files and folders, and more, just by clicking the Siri icon in the upper right corner of the screen or the left side of your Dock; OR by using the built-in keyboard shortcut, holding down Command-Space bar.

1. Ability to manage storage and more free space! This is huge. We are constantly helping our customers maximize their storage on their limited-space SSDs. I run into storage problems myself. But after the Sierra upgrade, I instantly had about 30GB more free space (don’t ask me how, but they have stripped down the bulk significantly.) Not only that, but they’ve added a “Manage” button when you go to Storage under “About this Mac” so you can optimize other settings to save space. Pretty ingenious and long overdue! I personally like that you can schedule the Trash to empty automatically after 30 days.




There you have it. So, yes, if your Mac meets the requirements, and if all your apps are compatible, go ahead and upgrade, it’s a good one!

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