While we’ve all been using Cloud Computing in some way or another for many years, many of us unwittingly ‘Sprung’ into using iCloud Drive Storage for the first time when we upgraded to Apple’s latest MacOS, Sierra. If this happened to you, all of the files that you previously had stored in your Mac’s Desktop and Documents folders were automatically moved to iCloud and can now be accessed from other Apple devices logged into the same iCloud account.

How did this happen? After upgrading to Sierra and entering your iCloud information, a small checkbox appeared (pre-checked for your “convenience”) which offered the ability to store Documents and Desktop items in iCloud. Most of us don’t read (or understand) all (or any) of the prompts that appear after a software upgrade, so we assumed that the default settings were correct. If the files in these folders exceed 5GB in size, you’ll be prompted to upgrade your iCloud Storage Plan.

You may think that making your documents accessible from any Apple device seems like a good idea, and it is. However Apple’s iCloud Drive doesn’t work nearly as well as many of the other available cloud storage services available for your Apple devices (and it’s relatively more expensive). You may have seen the endless online discussions by confused and frustrated users that look similar to this Apple forum. This common problem has also sparked helpful articles like this one on MacObserver.

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In the meantime, you may be wondering how to remove your files from iCloud. This requires disabling the Desktop & Documents Folders option under iCloud Drive Options in System Preferences. Then these files can be located in Finder under iCloud Drive and moved to another location (either on the Hard Drive or another cloud storage service).

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