For our 10-year anniversary party, I hand-selected 4 hours of music from 2009-2019 from my own collection. If you were at the party, you had a chance to burn a CD on my vintage CD burning station!

This is a good playlist for any party, or a long road trip, as you have an easy beginning as things are just getting started, then the ebbs and flows of upbeat to chill to dance-y as the party gets going. Toward the end, it slows down and wraps up the evening nicely with relaxed and enjoyable tunes.

There are several familiar hits, bringing back memories of the “old days”: CDs and iPods, Apple commercials, and the Kia Soul (yep!). You can sing or dance along with most of these, with a handful of lesser known alternative hits, vintage remakes of popular songs by Post Modern Jukebox (my favorite!), plus two vintage covers.

It’s a lot of fun, and hopefully has something for everyone. It is mostly clean with just a few uncensored lyrics, I’d generally give it a PG-13 rating. I couldn’t get every song and genre in just one playlist, but I think it’s a pretty good representation of the last decade.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

P.S. if you can’t listen on Apple Music, email me for alternative links or (gasp) a CD!

The MacSpa