Since upgrading your iPhone or iPad to iOS 10 in 2016, you may have noticed a new App automatically installed called ‘Home’. With improving home WiFi networks (see our Mesh Network Blog), controlling many Smart Devices throughout your home utilizing the Home and other iOS Apps is fast, convenient and simple.

Apple’s Smart Home control system is called HomeKit. Amazon and Google have similar systems that integrate with their Echo and Home devices, respectively. Homekit uses Siri for speech recognition and has now been integrated into hundreds of Smart Devices. Your iPhone or iPad will only work with Homekit when on the same WiFi network as your Homekit devices. In order for Homekit-enabled devices to work automatically (like setting the thermostat, adjusting the lights or monitoring the door) without an iPhone or Pad present, you’ll need an Apple device that is always home and connected to WiFi like AppleTV or the new HomePod. HomePod not only serves as an automated ‘hub’ for HomeKit devices, it also integrates several high-quality microphones to listen for your Siri commands and speakers to create amazing sound.

For more information on Homekit and what devices are supported, visit Apple’s Homekit website at: (https://www.apple.com/ios/home/). For a full overview on setting up Homekit in your home and to get your questions answered, come to our new ‘Smart Home Workshop’, now a regular monthly offering at The MacSpa.


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