“I cannot thank you enough for resolving my internet and equipment challenges on all of my devices yesterday…. I’m in heaven this morning as I work!” —Maria

“Thank you so much for being available so quickly for me. You’re worth every penny!” —Karen

“Thanks for all of the support. You all have been great! With your help, setting up the Website was a breeze. You all knew, every time I called, what the issue was and what to do. Bravo!” —Keith

“Thanks again for all your help; I literally could not have done it without you.” — Ellen

“Thank you so much for enabling Molly to take the computer back to school . . . saves me the shipping hassle. That was really great of you to meet them. I will continue to spread the word on your amazing customer service!” — Kelly

“The pleasure was ours. You are truly a computer genius and the most patient and gracious person ever. Thanks a billion, trillion, zillion!” — Carol

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your best choice for apple tech support in denver

As the premier independent Apple-specific shop in LoDo, The MacSpa is your best choice for Apple tech support in Denver! The MacSpa is dedicated to providing exceptional service for you and your Mac®, iPhone® or iPad®. We specialize in on-site support, maintenance plans, classes, and training on every level, for home or business, as well as creative projects, upgrades, and other services. Contact us for outstanding service, quick turnarounds, and second-to-none training and support. Our team of trained and experienced professionals will solve your woes and de-mystify the complexities of your Mac.

To empower people through the magic of technology

To provide stress-free training and support for Mac users

* The MacSpa is an independent business and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Apple Inc. Mac, iPhone, and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

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